Running Education and Coaching
5K - 10K - Half Marathon - Full Marathon

With a true passion for running at all distances, FitNicePT is ready to guide you to your next Personal Record (PR). Whether you’re picking up your first pair of running shoes or wearing out your 500th, our coaching staff can give your training the variety and difficulty you need to be successful whenever you’re ready to race. Utilizing a customized program, you’ll receive face to face coaching with FitNicePT that will improve fitness and health while helping you reach your running based goals.

All coaching programs begin with a complimentary consultation, evaluation and email or phone follow up. All FitNicePT Running Coaches are certified by USA Track and Field.


A customized training program based on your individual goals that includes weekly training plans and a once per week one on one session with your coach.

$260/four weeks, additional one on one session available at current personal training rates, may be combined with any personal training or personal training and nutrition package at specialized rates.

Join your friends and get fit together! Each group member receives personalized weekly training plans based on their individual goals, and the group meets once per week to train together.

$165/four weeks per group member, may be combined with any group training or group training and nutrition package at specialized rates.

Contact us for scheduling and payment information